One of the most rewarding parts of this entire process has been working directly with staff of Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina on content and messaging. My main point of contact throughout the process has been Stephany McMillan (pictured to the left at the 2014 Make-A-Wish Benefit Concert®). She serves as a community engagement specialist with the chapter. I have known Stephany for several years. When I was in college and organizing the benefit concert, Stephany was my liaison for all things Make-A-Wish®. She assisted me in a similar role for this project, answering my (millions of) questions about the chapter and which content to include and being a great sounding board for ideas. Over the past several months, I have had phone calls and coffee meetings with Stephany to work through my project. She helped mostly with content and making sure I was using the correct language. I would come to each meeting with notes and questions for Stephany and we would walk through the project page by page and I'd get her feedback. Additionally, she would send me website links and additional resources to pull content from for my project.

Through this process I also worked with Michelle Scannella, marketing and communications manager for the chapter. Michelle was an incredible resource who provided me with video links, design files, and the Make-A-Wish® brand book. Michelle oversees all of the marketing created by the chapter and was especially helpful when it came to making sure I was using the logo correctly and needed stock photos and pull quotes. 

This project would not be where it is today with the support and guidance of both Stephany and Michelle. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and cannot thank them enough for all of their help. Not only has this process  given me real-world experience of working with a client, it has also given me a chance to develop great relationships with two incredible advocates for Make-A-Wish® who dedicate every day to sharing the organization's message and helping kids who need it most.